Oct 31, 2009

SwingX 1.6?

Two days ago the a new TAG was created in the subversion repository of the project. It is SwingX-1-6 with comment: "Release of SwingX 1.6.". There is an forum topic I have found: http://forums.java.net/jive/thread.jspa?threadID=66444&tstart=0
Covered a lot of distance since final SwingX 1.0. The most important was target jdk1.6. This implied to remove 1.5 specifics, hacks and - most prominently - re-doing sorting/filtering core-style. That and lots of internal cleanup resulted in fixing 80+ issues so far. Another about 20 issues are targeted at 1.x, that is the next release, but could easily be moved to the second next. Obviously, those changes will break existing code. And are bound to have added new bugs ;-) But on the whole, I think it's a rather stable state right now and as such a good opportunity for a release. Would call it 1.5 because so much has changed. And would love to push it out of the door as soon as possible, as long as it is half-way stable. Next major changes will be - new/replaced components, like JXTreeTable going JXXTreeTable and JXComboBox which uses a sortable, highlightable JXList - enhanced Nimbus (and general Synth) support Comments highly welcome! Jeanette
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