Nov 1, 2009

Metawidget 0.8 - 0.85 migration - trying ordeal you have to deal with

Metawidget 0.85 is released. A great work was done to improve architecture of this framework. Now API looks mature and straightforward. But backward compatibility is broken. Here is a list of main changes:
  • WidgetProcessors and refactored internal pipeline
  • Upgraded RichFaces support (SuggestionBox, TabPanel and RichPanel)
  • Upgraded ExtGWT support to 2.0.1 (includes new Slider widget)
  • Much more documentation
  • XML Schemas for all components
  • Bug fixes; and
  • More unit tests
The official migration guide: My migration experience: PS. Actually it was impossible to migrate my project to 0.85 version, I had to use patched one. PPS. Finally I have migrated my project to 0.85 release. Many thanks to Richard Kennard for support.

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