Dec 2, 2009

java6 splash screen and maven project

Splash screens are a standard part of any modern graphical user interface (GUI) application. Their primary purpose is to let the user know that the application is starting up. An application that displays a polished and professional-looking splash screen can occupy the user's attention and gain the user's confidence that the application is starting. Fortunately, Java™ SE 6 provides a solution that allows the application to display the splash screen even before the virtual machine starts. A Java application launcher is able to decode an image and display it in a simple non-decorated window. How to configure splash screen for the application in a maven project? 1. Put you splash screen image somewhere in a class path. Let it be something like "YourProjectName/src/main/resources/images/splash.png" 2. Add maven-jar-plugin to the POM file 3. Configure a manifest generation The final fragment of the POM file looks like one below:

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